LOTOS glasses in order to luxury and extravagance

From Germany, LOTOS, 1872 their ancestors 130 years of history since start of this century enterprises have so far maintained a pure hand. "The price is equivalent to a LOTOS frame a Bentley car, but you can put it in your nose." LOTOS president of such a sentence to describe his products - are decorated with gold, diamonds or jewelry glasses. In order to luxury and luxury is to have the best reason for the brand.

Supermodel interpretation of Tom Ford glasses large

Anna Jagodzinska is absolutely the hottest supermodel in 2009, she completed 2009 autumn and winter show of quarters, has leaped to the global Supermodel TOP 50 list of the first six! In the endorsement over David Yurman 2009 Fall ads, she was a genius Tom Ford fashion value, large advertisements appeared in autumn and winter.

In this large in, Anna Jagodzinska photographed naked, disheveled brown hair and black bow ribbon really makes you feel like just woke up like Anna Jagodzinska. Large tracts of the most prominent burnout than her slightly sleepy eyes that big, black outer frame, evidently, this time Tom Ford once again shows that advertisement "seduce" method 100 test bad mood.

Sunglasses, "5 not to wear"

Human eyes are extremely delicate organ, is vulnerable to UV damage. The harmful ultraviolet light waves is the eye health of the killers, can cause keratitis, macular retinal damage, cataracts and other eye diseases. World Health Organization, a data show that worldwide more than 2 million cases of cataract is due to the long-term exposure caused by the sun. Heat of the summer, in order to avoid the eyes "sunburn", select a suitable sun glasses are very necessary. However, medical experts remind everyone that not everyone is suited to wearing sun glasses, sunglasses the choice of useful knowledge.

1, no UV features do not wear sunglasses that not all colored lenses all call sunglasses. Sunglasses should be UV (UV) logo, anti-UV factor of more than 400 lenses that have the effect of eye protection. It is noteworthy that, choose the function with no low-quality UV-blocking sunglasses, even worse than not wearing sunglasses, but also easily lead to eye damage. Because this part of the sunglasses can block light, but fail to do so the UV. Were wearing, the pupil will be expanded, ultraviolet easier to enter the eye, right eye hurt.

2, glaucoma patients should not be wearing sun glasses sun glasses into the eyes of the visible reduction in the pupil will naturally open big. This change in the pupil of the healthy people without problems, but for glaucoma patients, it is a threat, likely to cause acute glaucoma, there jealous, eye pain, headache, sharp decline in vision, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Therefore, patients with glaucoma or suspected glaucoma who should not wear sunglasses.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3,6 prolonged sun glasses 6 for children under the age of visual function development has not yet reached normal levels. If a long time wearing sunglasses to reduce light entering the eye, retinal macular area can not be an effective stimulus of light, will affect their visual development. Worse still, could lead to amblyopia. Therefore, a long time not suitable for children under 6 years old wearing sunglasses.

4, edge width, frame thickness, weight weight does not wear sunglasses while wearing a long width, frame thickness, weight heavy sun glasses, is apt to cause "sun glasses syndrome." The syndrome mostly fashionable young man. Typically, such patients wearing sunglasses in a row after 1-2 weeks, there will be such as nasal discomfort (like a cold), feeling "there are insects crawling over his face," upper gums, numbness, discomfort on the front teeth, eyes acid inflation and other symptoms. This is mainly due to thick frame, broad-brimmed, sun glasses heavy weight of oppression caused by facial trigeminal nerve.

5, no wear, when determined not to wear some people, regardless of time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, sunny or cloudy, even in the evening, watching TV, watching movies, also wearing sunglasses. In fact, this seemingly "smart" approach will increase the burden on the eye, is apt to cause ocular tension, blurred vision, dizziness, blurred vision and other symptoms of visual fatigue.

Prevalence of the four major things to watch this season sunglasses

Prevalence of the four major things to watch this season sunglasses

When strong direct light eyes, you will find that it is ready to deal with the weapons is a priority, you absolutely stylish as this season it must have a magic weapon, not only to resist ultraviolet rays, is used to decorate more. 09 spring and summer last year, all kinds of sunglasses in succession based on the infinite, but also did not forget to change the characteristics, there is no round edges and corners of the frame as if you type back to the 70s, a mixture of metal and resin frame to become the most this season IN fashion, the black lenses are slow and gradual process of heat gradually warming ... ... a lot of bright spots to occupy the new face of the spring and summer fashion, Come an election, so as to lead his own star as fashion, more child-Star Fan it!

Fashion Mix

Mix with the sheet metal frame so that the United States showing a personality, which is rare in the past, the design style, to become a new bright spot this season.

Frame shows the mix of quality personalized, retro colors and the metallic phase with precious stones, to highlight the luxurious elegance of the brand culture

Back to the seventies

Show summer 09 100 new accessories, retro round sunglasses became fashionable 09 spring and summer accessories, sleek plate frame allows you to return to 70's. This style makes you walk in the forefront of fashion, ultra-round sunglasses let you lead the season's retro fashion, the frame of the bright colors bring out the lovely temperament.

Loewe Loewe

Red frame to the warm, self-confidence to play the character to perfection, but also inadvertently added to a mystery woman should have.

ED Hardy sunglasses derivatives of street culture

STREET FASHION wave a few years already vigorous scratching can truly redefine STREET FASHION has been in charge of it is Diesel, Fiorucci, Levis, NafNaf, Von Dutch, and in the fashion sector "King of Jeans" the good name of Christian Audigier.

Al has a strong sensitivity of the Christian Audigier fashion sense has done, ED Hardy tentacles everywhere, a very short span of 4 years have been won by street culture derivatives. The design of his ordinary route to the United States and second-hand clothes for young people inspired products to T-Shirt, jeans apparel, zipper jacket, baseball cap mainly, but also take into account Bikini, wrist watches and a variety of silver jewelry, Ed Hardy clothing frequently used some embroidery, washing, splash-ink and other techniques, to create publicity sexy personality, combined with Godfather Don ED Hardy tattoo Highlights of the composition and rich colors, simple lines of the clothes in their hands is also very enjoyable. Ed Hardy in the design of both the spirit of the United States most of the eagles, tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers and Nude tattoo, etc., but also a strong oriental taste of carp, a dragon and the tiger totem, the tiger and dog squirrels are the new creative than that. All products that are on a launch to the stars down to the ordinary young people like.

Ed Hardy has a large line of sunglasses

If you have been paying attention to fashion styles lately you may have noticed a popular trend in designer eyewear popping up more and more. This new style of sunglasses, the “tattoo” style, is being seen on the streets of New York all the way to the tiny towns in Idaho. People from all over are quickly grabbing this hot new style up and they are becoming harder and harder to find.

Perhaps the best known designer of this popular sunglass style is Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy has a large line of sunglasses with frames adorned with these tatoo-like images. Brand name designers like this create some wonderful products, but unfortunately they tend to come with a large price tag. This is usually the case with designer fashion items, but shoppers with a little savvy can beat these high prices.

Any fans of Ed Hardy out there? I find Christian Audigier’s work for the company….interesting. It’s fun to look at but ultimately it’s not really my style. I suppose it’s no surprise to see the lifestyle brand branching out into eye wear (although I am surprised that their energy drinks came out first!). The shades have the same tattoo inspired prints and rhinestones on the frames that you can find on his clothing. Oh and the cases are pretty too.

How to choose their own sunglasses?

   At present, sales of sunglasses in the market there are two kinds of categories, one category is "sun mirror," usually in the sun to rely on the regulation of pupil size to regulate the flux, when the light intensity of more than ability to regulate the human eye, it will cause harm to the human eye . Mirror shade shelter can play the role of the sun, so as to reduce eye fatigue caused by excessive regulation or injury caused by light stimulation; the other is the "light-colored sunglasses," is more popular in recent years, the species, the main play decorative effect, when the sun is not strong when it can be used. Light-colored sunglasses because of its colorful, rich, fashionable and diverse, being a young person's favor. For this product, if there is no understanding of science, will have adverse effects on users. For example, long-term wearing of certain colors the human ed hardy sunglasses will lead to fatigue, if the wearing of such glasses are also wrong when the sun with a mirror, not only will not achieve the effect of the sun may also damage the eyes.
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